Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Mt.Baker, originally uploaded by jashepler.
I have been keeping up daily with my LOAD challenge, but horrible at getting my layouts posted! I'll try to catch up soon, but wanted to get this layout up today. This is a few shots of Alex up at Mt. Baker where he and I are taking snowboarding lessons this year.

Let me give you a quick review of my three lessons so far. Lesson #1: I was excited to learn, sore and maybe concussed by the time we left the mountain and so sore the next morning that I though I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. Literally it was the most pain I've ever caused myself. Lesson #2: I made it through one hour of my two hour lesson. When I came in my knee was swollen and totally bruised and my tailbone (still sore from the week prior when I started) was on fire. Luckily we had a week off due to weather. Lesson #3: I loved it! It was awesome... the snow was great, there was lots of powder, I stopped falling all the time. It was really perfect. I was ready to quit if it didn't go well. Lesson #3 was make it or break it and I'm so glad that I stuck with it for one more week!

Alex's story of snowboarding is a little more straightforward. Lesson #1: He loved it. Lesson #2: He loved it even more. Lesson #3: He loved it even more again. He loves the snow. He has a great attitude and never gives up. Whenever he falls, he just pops right back up. It's awesome.

I'm really glad that we're learning this together and I hope that we can continue to enjoy the mountain for quite a while.
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