Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LOAD Day 2 ~ Family & Friends

Family & Friends, originally uploaded by jashepler.

Day two of Layout-A-Day (LOAD) finds me using this fun, huge photo that was taken at Alex's surprise birthday party this year. Here's the back story:
Alex had been asking and asking for a surprise birthday party. We tried to explain that if he knew it was coming that it wouldn't be a surprise, but he wasn't to be deterred. So, while we continued to plan a fun party with his friends at the Skagit Children's Museum, we were also planning a family party, only this one was to be a surprise!
We totally pulled it off! When we pulled up to Mom's house, we explained that she was having some friends over so we could only visit for a second. When everyone shouted SURPRISE!! it was perfect! He was definitely surprised.
He'd been playing with his camera all week and, when everyone started to disperse to take a little of the pressure off of him after the surprise, he had me call everyone back together so that we could take a family photo. I love that he wanted to do that! Clearly my love for the photo is rubbing off.

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