Sunday, February 7, 2010


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Today's layout is from "Yesterday & Today" a class taught at Big Picture Scrapbooking by Ali Edwards. What a great class that highlights your personal history and makes connections with today.

I'm really enjoying the challenge of LOAD. I'm feeling so productive... I've probably done more scrapbooking this week that in the past six months! Here are a couple more layouts:


Tooth Fairy

Winter '08

Dad's Spot

This one was a little tough. For some reason the last week I've felt a little sad about Dad. I know that 'they' say that grief comes and goes, but it's a whole other thing to go through it. I found this layout to be a great way to channel some of that energy and celebrate his life.

I think the best thing about this challenge is that I'm realizing I don't need to spend hours making a layout. Finished pages are way better than "perfect pages. I can't wait to see the stack when I'm done!