Monday, December 6, 2010

Another long break...

So, when I decided to start a blog, my intention was to have a place to ramble, organize some thoughts for scrapbooking and to practice writing. You see, I've never really felt like myself when I write. I'm not sure who exactly I feel like, but I have this desire for my writing to sound more authentic, more genuine. In 30 years when Alex is looking back at the scrapbooks, I want him to know that I wrote all those words, not wonder who I got to write them for me.
So anyhow, that was my intention and so far, I'm not off to a great start. I've made a decision that I can post something once a week at least. I'm not putting any kind of restrictions on myself, but even if it's one sentence, I can muster up something once per week! Hopefully it will grow from there.
I did participate in LOAD in October, but it didn't go so great. I just really didn't feel the mojo and let myself slide. I got a few layouts done, though. Here are a couple favorites:
Icicle Creek
This one I actually completed about an hour after that photo was taken. My husband and I were camping for our anniversary and went for a hike. When we got back to the trailer, I got my layout done. This was early in the month when I was still on track!
40 years
My mom recently moved and I inherited all our our family albums. My project for the new year will be to get those photos out of their magnetic albums and scan the ones worth scanning. Makes me tired just thinking about it!

See you next week!
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