Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday night thoughts

I came here to write a post about my "one little word" and got completely distracted. Does that ever happen to you? First, I wanted to figure out how to change the little symbol up in the tool bar (also known as a "favicon"). I'd taken a class at Little Light Studio a while ago and it was part of the lesson that I just never got around to. Well, tonight I decided to give it a go. It was harder than I thought. An hour later, I had that taken care of and realized that I needed to add the most recent LOAD button to my side bar. That was a bit quicker.
So, now to the reason I came to post tonight, my word:

I chose grace after thinking about some things that I want to accomplish this year and how I want to approach my life this year.
I want to have a more graceful home (less stuff, more organized)
I want want to live a bit more gracefully (be a bit more mindful in my actions and with my time)
I want to grace my life with my presence (be intentional with my decisions)
I want to be more graceful in my relationships (less stubborn, more consistent)

I'm a month in and can report that I have remained mindful of my word and my intentions. I see it showing up in little ways (being a little more quick to pick up after dinner, cleaning out that nagging end table drawer, asking more questions). I think it will be a good fit and am anxious to see how the year progresses.
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